Just like a gardenia, every female has a delicate soul with a strong fearless heart just waiting to share her true beauty with the world. The Gardenia Branch (TGB) is proud to extend a branch of fresh, fashionable apparel, accessories and decor that is sure to inspire every woman to be the best version of themselves. Each piece is hand-picked with extra special care and a keen attention to detail. We pride ourselves in a selection of trendy yet affordable looks that are super stylish and perfectly unique – just like you!


TGB is owned by Dione O’Dell, a marketing executive who is no stranger to the fashion realm. Dione has been in the retail business for 30 years and has always had a love for fashion. “I have been obsessed with styling outfits since the day I could dress myself,” she explains. “My mother will tell you that as a little girl, I wore her heels around the house all day long. I would change my clothes at least five times a day, even going to school in one outfit and coming home in yet another.” 

In her early teenage years, she was offered an opportunity to work at a local retail store. This is where she fell in love with serving others. “I remember the manager leaving all the display work to me, dressing mannequins and assembling wallshops because I had an eye for it. I loved watching customers shop and purchase the outfits that I would so strategically create.” While going to college, she stayed in the retail environment and advanced into higher level positions. She managed more than one store while also training associates company wide. From there, Dione moved to a corporate role where she served as vice president of marketing for one of the most prominent fashion apparel retailers in the US. She was heavily involved in most of the daily functions of the business. “I have always loved to interact with others, whether it be a teammate or a customer, and find out what makes them tick. Individualism and uniqueness make the world go around,” she says.

Today Dione has two beautiful daughters who have also fallen into her fashion “heels.” Both have their own unique style but share a love for clothes. “We live in a world where clothing helps you express yourself. It doesn’t matter what you are doing or where you are going, your outfit just makes you feel complete.” Dione’s two daughters will be working with her to hand select the products in the TGB collection. 

Dione sums up the essence of the brand as eclectic and empowering. “I want a diverse assortment that enables everyone to find pieces that bring out their individualism. We are all delicate in our own way, just like a flower. Life is too short to not share our true beauty with the world.”